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Aria: 1. Correlated with bring fresh, fly, and fabulous. 2. A term that is used to describe someones strong will, intelligence, creativity and realness."The woman was held in contempt due to the lack of Aria in her demeanor.


When I looked up Aria in the Urban dictionary this was the first choice and then I read on and saw a reference to Aria being a Blond hair blue eyed, blah, blah, blah. Hold up! Why does it always seem that they let Becky get a hold of social media and change words to fit her styling, instead of her ass just letting us be fucking great? Calm down Becks, We got this and what I am about to explain is to remind the world that ALL HAIR AND EYE COLOR MATTER WHEN REPRESENTING.

The House of Aria came into fruition before it even had a name. My business partner and I talked about it in great lengths, we set dates, brought other people in and she had a conversation with a friend and they birthed the name Aria. When she told me to look up the name in the urban dictionary I could have a better understanding of why the name was chosen. Well, considering all things, it begins with the first letter of the alphabet and the name is dope as hell.

My dream has always been to unify people, even if I had to lay hands on a few, but my intent has always been to see people happy or see them in another place, out of sight out of mind. I have the ability to un-meet a mofo quickly, yet wish them well, because life is about "doing the work" not wasting time on those who aren't. Unifying people to see each other in love is far better than judging them based on what we learned or told to see. Isn't that what we do when we invite people into our home? Bring them together under one roof to fully engage, have conversation and be fed. That is what the House of Aria intends to do. Leave your shoes at the door, you are entering a holy shrine dedicated to all things fabulous and fly!

The other intent of my vision is to encourage people to love themselves, go for what they desire and fuck everybody else that doesn't matter. This magazine effort is to display the pleasures of life, express love through art and words, while giving a platform for the unheard and unsung. We want to represent people from all walks of life than can, have or will influence the urban diaspora that somehow the Beckys of the world believe they can't be included in because it's not highlighting them or putting them on a pedestal. Calm down Becky, if you cannot play well with others, there is a whole Tiki Torch movement going on that would love to have you as part of their membership.

Welcome to the House of Aria, where we believe in our dopeness and want to empower generations to come, to do the same!

If you'd like to know more about House of Aria, join our mailing list for updates. Our inaugural issue is Feb 15, 2018.

Goldie aka Alanda Gregory is Staff Writer and Co-Editor in Chief for House of Aria Magazine. For more on Goldie visit her site: www.goldielovesu.com

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